Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners

"Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners" - the largest financial and Law Consulting Company in the Republic of Moldova, which was established in 1997, is rendering legal and financial consulting assistance to local and foreign companies operating in the Eastern and Central Europe.

In collaboration with our correspondent and affiliated offices, we provide international representation to our clients in U.S.A., Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Romania, Baltic countries, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Israel.

Our clients are represented by both state and private sector organizations engaged in the international trade, manufacturing industry, agriculture, and service sector. Among the clients of "Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners" are to be found representatives and branches of some of the largest international companies and organizations, tens of Moldovan companies, whose export plays an important role for the country GDP .

Our lawyers and consultants are single-minded and prospective experts. We offer to our clients the opportunity to benefit from legal and consulting services at competitive fees, including consultants involved in international and local issues. Our experts are fluent in English, Rоmanian, German, French and Ukrainian.

"Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners" holds the following principles in working with our Clients:

Quality and professionalism
Our company employs professionals who have repeatedly confirmed their high skills in facing challenges.

Individual approach
There is no panacea against “all problems”. Every time when starting a new case, our lawyers perform it only on the basis of the Client's real situation, trying their best in avoiding patterns and prejudgements.

The success of any project depends on the decision and its implementation quickness. Responsiveness represents one of the key elements in our activity.

Working with Clients' information and documents, we respect the strict confidentiality and exclude any information leakage during and after the end of our cooperation.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova ( Since January 2017, the company Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners is a member of American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova. The American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova

Company Certificates:

Certificate of state registration of legal entity. trademark registration certificate trademark statement of use Uscov Ruslan Attorney License Certified Accounting Practitioner (CAP) Mantaluta Svetlana