Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners

Uskov Ruslan

Managing Partner Attorney

Areas of practice:

  • corporate law;

  • the arbitration process;

  • civil litigation;

  • contract law;

  • legal support of business;

  • restructuring of the organizational structure;

  • legal analysis and inspection;

  • court settlement of disputes.

Personal motto:

"We respect our Clients and respect the Law. The priority of our activity is always to represent the Clients' interests, following the Letter of the Law."

Executive Administrator Gherciu Тaisia

Gherciu Тaisia

Executive Administrator

Areas of practice:

  • improvement of the rendered services quality;

  • harmonization of the relationships between the company consultants and the clients;

  • organization of the pre-contractual activity;

  • negotiations holding, documents circulation, including the agreements conclusion and invoicing;

  • control of the amounts receivable.

Personal motto:

"We are thankful to all our Clients and are looking forward to further fruitful cooperation."

Chief Financial Officer Mantaluta Svetlana

Mantaluta Svetlana

Chief Financial Officer

Areas of practice:

  • banking law;

  • budget law;

  • legal and accounting support for business;

  • comprehensive accounting and legal servicing for Representative offices;

  • restructuring and financial recovery;

  • tax planning and evaluation of tax policy of the company.

Personal motto:

"Our company has the experience of legal service companies during their entry into the market of the Republic of Moldova and the further support of their current activities."

Accountant-Consultant Baltaga Olga

Baltaga Olga


Areas of practice:

  • maintenance of accounting records, including execution of primary documentation;

  • making up and rendering of financial and income statements to fiscal authorities, statistical offices and off-budget funds;

  • management of the settlement account;

  • consultations on drawing up accounting under international standards;

  • accountancy recovery.

Attorney Zaharcenco Serghei

Zaharcenco Serghei


Areas of practice:

  • representation in the litigations;

  • mediation services, negotiations and assistance regarding the amicably settlement of the disputes;

  • specialized economic courts, both at the initial stage of examination on the merits of the case and at the stage of appeal proceedings;

  • consulting on conclusion of arbitral agreements;

  • settlement of disputes on validation and carrying into effect of arbitral decisions;

  • pre-trial legal opinion on legal prospects of the case;

  • assistance at arbitral litigations with the prospect of further proceedings with higher authorities, representation of Client’s interests during proceedings at all stages.

Accountant-Consultant Eremciuc Dina

Eremciuc Dina


Areas of practice:

  • account policy build-up;

  • accountancy set-up;

  • fiscal planning, analysis of taxable basis;

  • optimization of fiscal charges (profits tax, VAT, income tax, local taxes);

  • analysis of inspection acts and decisions adopted by fiscal bodies on recovery of penalty, preparation of corresponding opinions and representation of Client’s interests before fiscal bodies.